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Our History

Founded in the 70's, Gym Santa Monica was one of the pioneering gyms in Spain introducing the so-called Bodybuilding. The name of Santa Monica is a tribute to bodybuilding and the world of fitness, both born on the beaches of Santa Monica.
Since our beginnings, we have helped our members achieve their physical goals, thanks to our extensive experience. From Gym Santa Monica we claim the classic bodybuilding, of course united to the advances of today. That traditional bodybuilding of power cages, basic exercises, bars, dumbbells and weights. Trainings that have proven for more than half a century that work.
Our dream is to continue creating school so that we will keep contemplating the essence of training and health in the future.
We are the only Museum of Bodybuilding known in Spain and Europe.

Santa Mónica Community

Lo mejor de lo mejor, hierro de verdad y el mejor ambiente para entrenar.

Francisco M.S

Santa Mónica Community

No hay gimnasio mejor ambientado y que dignifique tanto nuestro deporte en España como este. Es un lugar donde la motivación y el amor por el culturismo vuelven a despertar fácilmente.

Rubén H.G

Santa Mónica Community

Me encanta el GYM, muchas máquinas, buena sala y los monitores muy atentos.

Gyovanna S.S

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In our facilities you will find the best equipment for training in the market, cardio training, bodybuilding, fitness, rehabilitation, etc. and, of course, the best trainers in the business will guide you in your fitness journey to achieve your best results.


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At Gym Santa Mónica we are pioneers in the sector of bodybuilding, fitness and personalized training in Spain.
With our Advice System you will get:


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